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How To Create Custom Facebook Metrics

Watch Spencer breakdown the best custom metrics to add to your Meta (Facebook & Instagram) ads so you can improve ROAS, scale further & make more profit.

How To Make Your Next Sale a Success

Watch Spencer reveal Easy A Media's end-to-end process of how to strategize, set up, and launch Shopify sales/promos that can generate the upwards of a $100,000 in a single day!

How To Leverage TripleWhale Analytics

Watch Spencer walk through the NEW Total Impact attribution model from Triple Whale Analytics & show how you can use it to scale your ad platforms further.

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Tali used our custom cart to increase her average order value by 55%

Services: Conversion Alchemy Program

Nicole put our page up to the test and we tripled her conversion rate.

Services: Conversion Alchemy Program

Percy who humbly took defeat as our landing page increased conversion rate by an electric 89%

Services: Growth Program

Tom who saw his AOV jump $25 in the first 6 days & watched his gross margin increase over 20%

Services: Conversion Alchemy Program

Nick who went from not selling enough product to being completely sold out.

Services: Growth Program

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A whopping 298% increase in total sales in the first 30 days

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Growth Program Client

Conversion Alchemy Client

Growth Program Client

Growth Program Client

Growth Program Client

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