From $0 In Paid Advertising To $15,000 In 45 Days.

The Conway+Banks Case Study

Meet Percy who turned his side hustle into a career.

Services: Surge Program

How It All Happened...

March 2021

I approached Percy in March of 2021 after coming across his brand Conway+Banks on Instagram. Being the shot shooters we are, we decided to reach out to Percy with the hopes of connecting and helping him move his eCommerce brand forward.

The timing really couldn't have been better as Percy mentioned he was looking to move more into paid advertising. The only issue was, he didn't like how most agency's overlooked numbers and didn't consider everything it takes to run a profitable campaign. But that's where Percy realized we were different. Our openness and complete transparency cut right through his limiting belief, and with that, he was ready to move forward.

So, we took him on! We wanted to prove to Percy that we could make him profitable so we got right to work on doing it. From the first day of launch we knew people were loving his product. (Seeing the upwards of a 9.83x ROAS the 4 days)

With such great success early on, Percy was busy trying to keep up with orders and that was when he realized we'd nearly sold him out of stock!

With the ads on such a great run, on our bi-weekly strategy call we decided we needed to come up with an idea to keep them running. So, we offered Percy the opportunity to have a custom-built landing page optimized for pre-sales and that is exactly what we did.

The custom design was packed full of conversion tactics, eye-catching elements, and branding that would convert 3% of the people who landed on it.

You could say this pre-sale campaign was not a bad idea.

So how did we do it?

The Easy A 3-step process focuses on research, targeting, and execution. Our experience using advertising platforms when paired with CRO optimization provides our clients the consistent sales their business needs. With these 2 defined-mechanisms, we are able to find, guide, and stay in front of all potential customers until they become raving fans of our client's products/services. ​

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