From Losing $1,000 Per Month To Earning $8,000+ In 30 Days.

The Pimp My Diabetes Case Study

Meet Edda who was LOSING money with her previous agency...

Services: 90-Day Marketing Program

How It All Happened...

February 2021

I approached Edda in February of 2021 after coming across her brand Pimp My Diabetes on Instagram. Loving the impact Edda was having on all of those with diabetes, we decided to reach out to her with the hopes of connecting and helping reach more people with her unique diabetic products.

Unlike some of our other clients, this timing was not quite ideal. Edda was recently working with an agency that was struggling to drive her results. Like many unfortunate stories in the industry, Edda didn't realize how much she was actually losing... She saw that the return on ad spend wasn't where I needed to be, but when I added up the fees she was being charged as well as her actual profit margins, Edda was shocked.

With her situation, it could have been very easy to assume that her products just didn't work well for advertising... But, we decided to look deeper. We noticed that Edda was organically generating a ton of traffic and had a ton of great engagement with her website, so we decided we were going to turn things around for her.

We had high hopes for Edda to help her turn this around... And that is exactly what we did. In the first, 30 days we tripled her CTR across the account and generated her over 300+ purchases on a 'testing budget'

As Edda began to see the returns that belief came back and we were able to duplicate these results month after month.

In fact as of May 2021, Edda's campaigns have reached an absurd 5x ROAS on cold traffic and is generating the consistent sales that all eCommerce store owners desire.

So how did we do it?

The Easy A 3-step process focuses on research, targeting, and execution. Our experience using advertising platforms when paired with CRO optimization provides our clients the consistent sales their business needs. With these 2 defined-mechanisms, we are able to find, guide, and stay in front of all potential customers until they become raving fans of our client's products/services. ​

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