This client holds a special place in Easy A Media’s history of web developments. With such a unique product, the website had to be built in a way that did a whole lot more than just showcase it. From the unique content displayed one each and every page, to the animations that help bring to life it’s distinctive features. This client needed a website that was efficient for marketing purposes, optimized for SEO, & was capable of not only selling, but telling the story of this one of a kind device.


The goal of this website was simple… Make it exist! This brand new company located in Vancouver, Canada needed a web presence, and they need it fast. With no website, no social media, & a brand new product to sell, goal number one was get it live. The second goal was to explain what the heck this thing actually is. With such a special device and all of it’s countless features, this website needed to be informative. The third goal we had to accomplish was a smooth & efficient system of allowing possible customers select the features they wanted, add any upgrades, & provide their information to purchase this item.




This website is one of my favorites! The outer space feel gives this ‘futuristic product’ the vibe & the place setting it needed. The interactive features of the website keeps visitors engaged & constantly scrolling to see what’s next between each purple portal divider. The content that was provided was excellent & allowed for a unique landing page, interesting product listings, & a unique gallery.


Spencer Pawliw: I truly enjoyed every second of building this website. The thing I’m most proud of is honestly the evolution of this website. We took it from a stock Wordpress theme with basic images, to a fully interactive, story telling, product selling machine. I want to thank V-Sanitizer Lab for their partnership & opportunity to build them something awesome!


“Spencer worked day in & day out perfecting our website, structuring it specifically to drive sales, & optimizing it to load as fast as physically possible. From someone who knows very little about websites, I still don’t understand how he was capable of adding all those animations & unique features. He truly went above & beyond, not to mention for a price that was next to nothing for the quality he provided.” – Garnett


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