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Website Optimization

As a part of the Surge program we include a high-performance landing page to almost guarantee your success. You pay good money for the traffic we are working hard to drive to your site. So, why should you send them to a slow-loading, un-optimized home page? (You shouldn't). Our designs are custom built as a separate page on your site which means they are owned by you, and look like you. With load speeds in the milliseconds, and conversion rates in the top 1% of websites... Whether you need leads, sales, or both, our splash pages get the job done.

Performance Marketing

At Easy a Media we bring a new definition to performance marketing. This business is a win-win industry that can transform any brands bottom line when executed correctly. We don't focus on ROAS (return on ad spend) we focus on profit. We run the numbers and calculate your unique margins to find the KPI's we need to hit to make our campaign a success. If we don't believe we can get you results, we simply won't waste your time. Our performance marketing involves ruthless testing, vigilant budgeting, and re-marketing strategies that can't be beat.

Advanced Data Systems

Data, data, and more data. The success of our campaigns relies on the quality of our data. So, we make sure it is as clean as it can be. We have access to high-end server level systems that allow us to collect accurate information, and a lot more of it. This data is crucial for us to re-use in our campaigns and keep track of the difference we make inside your business. With the amount of trust online brands put into their data, this alone is worth the price of admission.

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